CNBCニュース - 島根の女性、信じた宗教ゆえ拉致監禁される  

記事タイトル(原文):Woman Abducted in Japan for Religious Practices
タイトル日本語:日本の女性 - 信じた宗教故に誘拐される
日本語訳: Yoshi

11月21日に行方不明になり、宗教的拉致監禁の高い、松江(島根)の統一教会のメンバーの続報です。ICRF(国際宗教自由連合)の記事がprnewswireにより配信され、様々なインターネットメディアで扱われています。これまでよりも、取り扱ったメディア機関が多くなっていて、大手CNBCも扱っています。英文タイトル Woman Abducted in Japan for Religious Practices で Google検索すれば、たくさん出てきます。

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NEW YORK, Nov. 30, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- A member of the Unification Church in Japan is missing and believed to have been abducted because of her religious beliefs, the International Coalition for Religious Freedom announced today.

ニューヨーク 2010-11-30/COMTEX経由 PRNewswire/ -- 「日本の統一教会のメンバーが行方不明になり、信じた宗教ゆえに、誘拐されたもようだ。」と国際宗教自由連合が、本日発表した。

Ms. AY has been reported missing under the probability of abduction and atempted forced conversion in Japan, the coalition said. Her fiance, Mr.Takafumi Fukuzaki, has filed a report with the police requesting an immediate investigation and said that Ms. AY was fearful for her safety to the extent that she previously filed a letter with the Unification Church, "requesting rescue in case of disappearance."

AYさん(女性)が、行方不明となったが、日本での強制改宗目的で誘拐された可能性が高いようである。彼の婚約者であるTakafumi Fukuzakiさんは、警察に対し、即座に調査をするよう申し入れ、彼は、「AYさんは、彼女の安全を危惧し、行方不明になった時の調査依頼を、統一教会に文書でお願いしていた。」と語った。

"My fiance and I feared this day would come when one of us was abducted in Japan and held against our will because of religious beliefs." said Mr. Fukuzaki. "I am deeply concerned about the safety of my fianc e and her freedom." Church officials in Japan conveyed that police were unresponsive to Mr. Fukuzaki's pleas for help, taking the word of other relatives that she was "safe" despite her own letter requesting aid.


According to the State Department's International Freedom Report 2010, "For several years deprogrammers working with family members have reportedly abducted Unification Church members..." This includes a Unificationist who was released in 2008 "after reportedly being held against his will by family members and a professional deprogrammer for over 12 years."


These abductions are normally carried out by relatives who confine the victim indefinitely while professionals pressure them to renounce their faith," said Dan Fefferman, President of the International Coalition for Religious Freedom. Japanese police usually refuse to intervene despite the strict laws against forced abductions and kidnappings, particularly of adults.


Law enforcement agencies in other developed nations including the United States have long recognized that religious abductions are dangerous, illegal, and not tolerated. Ms. AY is one of an estimated 4,300 members of the Unification Church of Japan who has been subjected to human rights violations over the past 40 years.


Between 10 to 20 Unification Church members are currently abducted each year in Japan to undergo forced de-conversions. Victims who escape their captors report the use of force, prison-like conditions, and intense pressure to change his or her faith. There have been reports of beatings, starvation, and rape. As frustration of Japan's inaction mounts, victims have been increasingly speaking out on the abduction issue.


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