Yahoo News:フィラデルフィア独立記念館で120名の女性聖職者 日本の拉致監禁に抗議(2010-11-04)

記事タイトル(原文):More Than 120 Women Clergy Protest Japan's Ongoing Human Rights Violations at the Birthplace of Religious Freedom
タイトル日本語:フィラデルフィア独立記念館で120名の女性聖職者 日本の拉致監禁に抗議
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PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 4, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- One hundred twenty women clergy of the American Clergy Leadership Conference joined human rights activists from the Women's Federation for World Peace and victims of Japanese religious abductions in front of Independence Hall on Friday, Oct. 29. Stoked by recent evidence of continued inaction by Japanese police to stop forced de-conversions of minority religious believers, these leaders held a press briefing to proclaim their discontent with the Japanese government.

フィラデルフィア - 2010年11月4日 PRNewswire-USNewswire 配信 -- 120名のACLC(アメリカ聖職者指導者会議)の女性牧師達が、世界女性平和連合の人権活動家、日本の宗教的拉致を受けた被害者らと、独立記念館の前で、10月29日(金)行動を共にした。日本の警察がマイノリティーな宗教の信者の強制改宗を止めるために、警察がこれまで何もしてこなかったことに対し、これらのリーダーが日本政府に対する不満足を表すため、記者会見を行った。

The Rev. Tanya Edwards, co-coordinator of Women in Ministry of Philadelphia; the Rev. Fannie Smith, former associate and coordinator with Operation PUSH and Women's Federation; Minister Reiko Jenkins, coordinator of ACLC Women in Ministry; and the Rev. Carol Keainaiana of Hawaii, co-pastor of the Mouna Ziona (Mt. Zion) Congregational Church, were joined by 120 women clergy from all 50 states.


(訳者註:オペレーションPUSHは、ジェシー・ジャクソン師により1971年に発足した社会正義促進を謳う団体。ルーツは、黒人の市民権運動。PUSH = People United to Serve Humanity)

Edwards, a direct descendant of William Penn, said to those gathered, "We stand at the birthplace of the Constitution and religious freedom and are grateful for what was established here. We have a place where we can worship God and serve according to our faith. We ask the leaders of Japan to acknowledge these victims and release them. It is time to let them go."


(訳者註:ウィリアム・ペン 1644-1718 は、アメリカ植民地時代の、民主主義、宗教の自由に対する貢献者。フィラデルフィア建設の父。)

The depth and weight of history was felt at Independence Hall – the place where a nation proclaimed that all men are equal and endowed by God with inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All were reminded of the First Amendment, which established religious liberty as the most essential right and strengthens all other rights when secured.


(訳者註:米憲法修正第1条 = 表現や宗教の自由等の基本的人権を保障したもの。)

Smith pledged, "As Women in Ministry from all 50 states we will go to our Congressmen and Senators and request their assistance to stop the injustice and free our brothers and sisters."


Representing all 50 states, the women faith leaders visited and prayed together for religious freedom. Joined by representatives of the Women's Federation for World Peace, they cried out from Hawaii to Texas, to New York, to Chicago, to Atlanta. They decried the ongoing abduction and faith-breaking of Unification Church members in Japan and demanded the release of the victims.


The night before the press conference, the Women in Ministry held their National Convention. Mr. Luke Higuchi and Mrs. Kumiko Francis, both victims of abductions, shared their testimonies. Higuchi stated, "I was physically thrown in a van and committed to a mental institution without a medical exam. I was treated like a dog. I was in solitary for months. I cannot express how terrible it was in words." Higuchi was able to escape this torment by convincing his doctors that he was mentally stable and pretending to renounce his religion. Francis spoke through tears, "I was abducted for my faith. It was so shocking to be held against my will. I escaped, but I am still afraid to go home." Francis and her husband, a U.S. Citizen, have 5 children but will not visit loved ones in Japan for fear of repeat abduction.


In mid-October, many of the same human rights leaders and Christian pastors met with press outside Japan's New York consulate to condemn the Japanese government for not taking action to stop the abduction and faith breaking of religious minorities. After nearly a month, there has been no response from Shinichi Nishimiya, Japan's ambassador and consul general, following a formal request to meet and discuss a course of action to end religious persecution in Japan.

10月中旬に、多くの人権活動家、キリスト教の牧師が、日本政府が、宗教的弱者に対する拉致監禁、強制改宗に対して、解決のため何もしていないことに抗議するため、ニューヨークの日本総領事館前で、記者会見を行った。それ以来、1ヶ月ほど経過した。その記者会見後に、日本の宗教迫害をやめさせるための行動を取るための会合を要請したが、総領事の Shinichi Nishimiya 氏からは、何の返事も来ていない。

More than 4,300 members of the Unification Church are estimated to have been subjected to human rights violations during the past 40 years. Each year in Japan, between 10 and 20 Unification Church members are abducted and forced to undergo de-conversions.


In the U.S., American citizens are being asked to sign a petition encouraging Congress to hold hearings on human rights violations in Japan. The hearings would be held by the Tom Lantos Commission on Human Rights, co-chaired by Rep. James McGovern (D-Mass.) and Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.).


(訳者註:開催されるだろう・・・というのは、開催が決定していることではありません。"would be held" なので、もし、開催されるとしたら、そうなるだろう・・という事です。このブログから正確ではない情報が出ることは避けたいので、よろしくお願い致します。)

Freedom of religion, thought and conscience is the most basic human right. Forced conversion is the antithesis of religious freedom. Shockingly, this criminal and immoral act is happening today – not only where one might expect it, in Darfur, China and Egypt, but also in the advanced democratic nation of Japan. For more information please visit www.stopjapanabductions.org.

宗教、思想、良心の自由は、最も基本的な人権である。強制改宗は、宗教の自由に、まったく反するものである。驚くべき事に、この犯罪的、不道徳な行為は、今日も起きている。ダンフール(スーダン)、中国、エジプトなど、人々が、そんな事が起きているだろうと予測できる地域、国ではだけではなく、発展した民主国家である日本でも起きているのである。より詳しい情報は www.stopjapanabductions.org にアクセスして頂きたい。

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